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RRE Austin Solar developing 120 Megawatt (AC) in Travis County, Pflugerville, Texas. RRE Austin Solar was formed in 2010 as a Texas Limited Liability Company for the purpose of developing up to 60 MW in Travis County, Pflugerville, Texas. The company intends to use state of the art technology and world class equipment. The objective of the company is not only to provide clean renewable energy through Solar PV Systems but also to become a "change agent" of how people perceive clean energy throughout the cities and counties in which it develops solar farm projects. RRE Austin Solar plans to employ local labor, expertise and vendors whenever possible.

The Company holds great interest in providing assistance to local High Schools, Technical Colleges and Research & Development Institutions for the development of solar energy-based workforce skills. RRE Austin Solar aims to expand industry workforce development skills for the benefit of building a large pool of talent in the communities where it intends to develop its projects.

Recent News

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